3 Signs You Should Have An Electrician Check Out The Wiring For Your Standby Generator

Even if you had the wiring for your standby generator done professionally, this doesn't mean that you will never need to call an electrician to come out and look at it again. These are a few signs that now might in fact be the time to call an electrician to come out and take a look at the wiring for your standby generator. 1. You're Preparing for Storm Season "Storm season" Read More 

Typical Causes Of Electrical Short Circuits In Homes

An electrical short circuit occurs when an electrical current flows where it isn't supposed to flow, for example, when a live electrical wire comes into contact with a plumbing metal. Short circuits increase the risk of electrical fire, electrical shock and damage to electrical wiring and appliances. Here are some of the reasons your home may experience a short circuit. Damaged Insulation on Wires Electrical conductors are usually enveloped in conductors to prevent current leaking and flowing through unintended paths. Read More 

3 Signs That The Wiring Work In Your Home Might Not Have Been Done Properly

Ensuring that the wiring in your home is done properly is very important. However, there are some situations in which people find that their wiring was not done properly at all. These are a few signs that this might be the case in your home as well. 1. It Was Done by a Non-Professional First of all, it is important to always have your home's wiring work done by an electrician. Read More