Three Reasons You May Want A Microgrid For Your Office Park

If you're in charge of running the daily operations for an office park, you know that electrical use is one of the biggest costs you have to deal with. Not only do you have the regular electric bills to pay, but you have to ensure that all of the electrical systems on the property are working well. One way to combat costs and tailor the electrical supply to the complex is to install a microgrid. Read More 

A Homeowners Guide For Choosing The Generator Best For Their Needs

When it comes to being prepared for emergency circumstances in your home, the loss of power is one of the greatest ones to consider. If you worry about the loss of power in your home, learning more about how to be prepared is a good idea. The installation of a standby home generator is the best way to be prepared for power outages, especially those that may be long term. Check out these tips for ensuring your home generator is ready to go at any time. Read More 

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

Electrical panels are not one-size-fits-all. Whether it's based on the size of your home or your electrical needs, electrical panel don't always stay the same. For this reason, an electrical panel needs to be upgraded as your size of your home and functions within your home are also upgraded. If you fail to perform this upgrade, you could be left with insufficient power needs and a serious fire safety hazard. Make certain you know when it is time to upgrade your panel. Read More 

Electric Bill Skyrocketed Into Outer Space? Check These Appliances!

In a perfect world, your electric bill would always be a manageable debt to pay. But unfortunately the world is far from perfect, especially if you have older appliances and heating systems. If you've noticed a significant increase in your electric bill recently, here are a few places to look for the culprit.  Check the Heating Elements in Your Water Heater  Problem: If the heating elements in your water heater are too dirty, the dirt on them could be preventing heat from being transferred to the water. Read More 

A Few Electric Problems That Seem Simple But Should Not Be Ignored

There may be a few glitches in the electric system in your home that have occurred so frequently you do not even notice them any more. You may figure the problem is normal and have learned to work around it. However, the electricity In your home should work consistently, with no glitches, to be safe. Don't overlook the following issues that need an electrician to repair. Tripping Circuit Breakers Having a circuit breaker trip when you plug in a few extension cords or power strips is a warning that you are overloading the system. Read More