3 Main Differences Between Having Commercial Wiring Done Vs. Residential Wiring

If you need to have a big commercial or residential wiring job done, then you should look for a team of commercial wiring installers. After all, there are some big differences between residential and commercial or industrial wiring projects. Even though it might seem like all of these projects are pretty similar, there are actually some major differences that you should know about. Because of the three big differences below, it's ideal to work with a commercial wiring crew when you need to have a commercial wiring project done.

1. More Material Is Generally Needed

For one thing, more material is typically needed for a commercial or industrial job than a residential job. After all, if you are like many people, your commercial property is probably much bigger than your house. A commercial crew will know about the best places to go to purchase wire and other supplies in bulk. They'll probably be better prepared to work with the materials that will be needed for the big project, and they might be able to score a lower price on these essential materials too.

2. Building Codes Are Often Stricter and More Specific

Another big difference that you might notice when having a commercial wiring project done is that there are stricter and more specific building codes that you have to stick to. Someone who typically handles residential jobs might not be fully aware of these building codes and might make a mistake that could cause problems with getting your permits or passing your inspections. This should not be a problem if you hire a commercial wiring service.

3. More Workers Are Typically Needed

Wiring for a residential property is a big job, and it might take more than one electrician to get the job done in a timely manner. However, when you have a commercial or industrial wiring project that needs to be done, even more electricians are often needed to get the job done in a timely manner. Residential wiring services might not have enough available employees to help them get the project done. A commercial wiring service, on the other hand, will typically have more workers on their crew, so they should be able to handle your bigger job in a timely manner.

If it's time to get a commercial wiring project done, make sure you hire a commercial wiring service. They should be able to help you get your project done the right way.