Buzzing Light Bulbs Can Be A Serious Electrical Concern

Light bulbs in a home typically don't make a lot of noise while they run. However, it is possible for some light bulbs to buzz in certain situations. When this happens, there are serious problems that may require an electrician to fix.

Why Light Bulbs Buzz

Those who have ever heard a light bulb buzzing may wonder what causes this sound. There are several different potential causes. The most common of these causes is a short in the bulb or in the wires that could lead to the light bulb burning out. The buzzing occurs because the short causes an improper amount of electricity to get sent to the bulb.

That buzzing is not only an annoying problem but one that can cause an excessive amount of heat to build up in and around the lighting fixture. That extra heat can seriously affect the structure of the bulb filament and cause it to burn out. Understanding this situation is important because it can cause you to go through multiple light bulbs rather quickly.

Heat Can Affect Light Bulbs

Just about every type of light bulb is sensitive to an excessive amount of heat. In some instances, the type of lighting structure can cause extra heat to build up. For example, some types of ceiling lights have a design that causes heat to build up in and near the light bulb. Unfortunately, this type of excessive heat can also cause the bulb and its wiring to short out.

The short and the excessive heat in the bulb causes the filament to vibrate too quickly and burn out quickly. Most light bulbs typically have a lifespan of several years or longer, but that lifespan will soon decrease if the filament burns out in this way.

An Electrician Is Absolutely Necessary 

When dealing with buzzing light bulbs caused by shorts, it is important to talk to a professional electrician as soon as possible. Fixing a short improperly is a dangerous situation if you don't repair it properly. As a result, it is essential to choose someone who can do it right. Failure to fix a short properly can cause it to spread to other wires. 

Even worse, it could cause an electrical fire due to excessive heat and sparks. This problem is particularly true if a person tries to fix a short on their own and fails. As a result, it is essential to contact a licensed electrician if you hear light bulb buzzing in your home.