When Your Fuse Box Does Not Respond: How 24 Hour Electrical Service Can Help

Most homeowners know that when you blow a fuse, you have a switch in your fuse box you can flip to return power to the room where you lost it. However, what happens when the switch does not budge, or the power does not return to the room? Worse still, what happens when you need power in this room and it is outside the typical hours of repair for most electricians? You can call a 24 hour electrical service for help. Here is what the electrician from this service can do to fix your problem.

Check the Power Load for Your Fuse Box

The first thing your after-hours electrician might do is check the power load for your fuse box. Many times (especially the first few times that you blow the same fuse) homeowners are unaware of just how much power the box can provide. If the electrician finds that you have too many things plugged into the outlets in the same room, you can unplug several of these and see if that fixes the problem. Leaving these items unplugged until you absolutely need them is a good way to keep the power on in that room, but you could also ask the electrician to upgrade your fuse box so that it can manage the power load you demand of it. Then you can plug in all of your devices without worrying about blowing a fuse and/or not keeping the power on. Additionally, this may be beneficial to your entire house, since a power upgrade to the fuse box works to the advantage of all of your outlets and switches.

Fixing Immobile Switches

If your problem is related to fuse switches that will not be moved from "off" to "on," the electrician can open the fuse box up and take a closer look. He or she will remove the faceplate on your fuse box(es), and look to see if there is something blocking or preventing the switch from moving. It is rare, but the switch may need to be replaced entirely, which the electrician can certainly do for you. (Word to the wise: You may have to pay a second appointment fee if you decide not to fix this issue now and ask the electrician to return on a different day. It is often just better to pay the one-time fee for your first repair appointment and have everything fixed then.)