Three Reasons You May Want A Microgrid For Your Office Park

If you're in charge of running the daily operations for an office park, you know that electrical use is one of the biggest costs you have to deal with. Not only do you have the regular electric bills to pay, but you have to ensure that all of the electrical systems on the property are working well. One way to combat costs and tailor the electrical supply to the complex is to install a microgrid. This is pretty much what it sounds like: a mini version of the electrical grid. Having one of these on your property brings great benefits, especially these three.

Continual Supplies

If you're on the main grid for your city, and the grid goes down, your power goes down too, unless you have a generator you can start up quickly. But then the generator can stop, too, if it runs out of fuel. With a microgrid, though, if the main power grid goes down, the microgrid can detach from the main grid and keep running. Given that these microgrids can generate their own power, that leaves your office park running as smoothly as possible. You may still have to deal with internet connections and cell phone reception going down, but the lights and other equipment and appliances will stay on.

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned, these grids can produce their own energy from sources like solar cells. These grids can store energy, too, so they reduce the need to draw more energy from the main grid that might get electricity from sources like coal. Any additional heat produced during electricity generation is also captured and sent into the system to areas that require heating.

Better Pricing

If you get a microgrid that attaches to the main grid and automatically buys energy from the main grid, you can save money on your electric bill. What happens is that the microgrid connects to the main grid, and if electricity prices are under a certain amount, the grid basically downloads extra energy and stores it. If the electricity prices rise past that point, the microgrid starts to run off its stored power, disconnecting from the main grid and cutting off purchases.

If you have more questions about microgrids in general, electricity generation, or prepurchasing energy, talk to commercial electricians and microgrid suppliers. These decentralized grids have become more common over the years as people figure out how the microgrids can be of benefit. For more information, contact Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc or a similar company.