Electric Bill Skyrocketed Into Outer Space? Check These Appliances!

In a perfect world, your electric bill would always be a manageable debt to pay. But unfortunately the world is far from perfect, especially if you have older appliances and heating systems. If you've noticed a significant increase in your electric bill recently, here are a few places to look for the culprit. 

Check the Heating Elements in Your Water Heater 

Problem: If the heating elements in your water heater are too dirty, the dirt on them could be preventing heat from being transferred to the water. This would cause the water to take forever to reach the thermostat setting for the water heater to shut off, and it may not ever reach that optimal thermostat temperature setting. Of course, when your water heater is constantly heating the elements... guess what? Your electricity is constantly being used. 

Solution: Call a plumber to check the heating elements and thermostat in your water heater. 

Check the Dirt Sensor In Your Dishwasher 

Problem: Newer dishwashers have sensors that detect dirt in the water as it washes the dishes. Once dirt is no longer sensed by the nifty sensor, the dishwasher automatically knows to switch from the wash cycle of heated water to the rinse cycle of cooler water. Some dishwashers also have suds sensors, which work the same except they sense when there is no more soap in the rinse water. Unfortunately, when these sensors are dirty, they cannot detect dirt or suds. When that happens, the dishwasher continually washes and/or rinses the dishes, using more electricity than it should. When the dishwasher is stuck in the wash cycle, it continually heats water for the appliance, which further increases your electric bill. 

Solution: Call an appliance service technician to clean and/or replace the sensors in your dishwasher. 

Check the Door Seals On Your Refrigerator

Problem: If the seals on the doors of your refrigerator are warped or no longer providing a tight seal when the door is closed, then your refrigerator is probably running all the time. Ideally, the refrigerator would only cool when it needs to cool and power down until the thermostat tells it to turn back on again. But when your door seals are not working as they should, then the inside of the refrigerator will never reach the cool temperature of the thermostat setting. 

Solution: Buy a replacement seal from your local home improvement center so you can replace the seal. 

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