Tips For Improving Your Generator’s Uptime

Generators are a reliable source of power, but there are a few steps that you should always do to keep your generator in business. Here are some steps to manage your generator's uptime.

Choosing the Right Generator

One step to keep your generator happy is to avoid overloading it. There are several different types of generators, each designed for a specific amount of use. While some of the lower-powered generators are designed for under a thousand hours of uptime per year, some models can handle continuous uptime for many years. Be sure that your generator's rating matches your actual operating conditions or consider replacing it with a more robust model.

Keeping the Generator Cool

When your generator gets overheated, this can lead to power outages. A turbo cooling system is a good way to keep your generator cool, but you should also consider separating it from other equipment that emits a lot of heat. If your generator is stored outdoors, you may want to close it in a climate controlled shed to protect it from the elements.

Having a Backup

If your generator is your main power source, then it makes sense to have a second generator as a backup power supply. You may want to buy a smaller generator to save your budget, although you may have to slow down your operations in case your main generator breaks.

A backup generator works best if it doesn't rely on the same power sources as your main generator, in case the main generator blows out your power source. If you have an electrical generator as your main power supply, it's easy enough to get a fuel generator as your second source of power. If you do choose two electrical generators, it's a good idea to separate the power supply of your main generator from the backup generator.

Getting Speedy Repair Service

Finally, a key to reducing your generator's downtime is having a plan for repairs. It can help you have an electrician in mind for the times when you'll need a speedy generator repair service. Even before you need a repair person, you should take the time to find a repair company who can service your type of generator. This way, you'll be able to dial straight away for help when your generator goes down. With the right preventative steps, you can keep your generator up and running and keep your business operations smooth.