Automation Possibilities For Your Home Heating System

Homeowners looking for ways to improve both the comfort and efficiency of their houses should be aware of what home automation can do for their heating systems. If you're assuming that heating system automation will be nothing but an unnecessary expense, you should look into the capabilities. Heating system automation can improve comfort while offering efficiency advantages that allow it to make up for its initial expense in energy savings over time.

The following are some of the most useful automation capabilities that are currently possible:

Set a heating schedule

You've traditionally had to manually adjust your thermostat when you want the temperature changed in your home. With home automation, you can set a detailed schedule that can adjust temperatures within your interior, depending not only on the time of day, but also the day of the week. The ability to set a heating schedule is especially useful when you want to wake up to a warm and cozy bedroom in the morning or come home to a toasty living room at the end of the work day. 

Vary climate by zone

Different residents of your household may prefer different interior temperatures. If your home automation capabilities are used in combination with a zoned heating system, you can set certain interiors to a particular temperature and others to a different temperature to keep all the members of your household comfortable. In many households, this home automation feature might even relieve some severe familial tension by preventing arguments over the thermostat settings.

Control climate via mobile device

Home automation systems can be connected to the Internet. Nowadays, they almost all have smartphone apps that can be used to both monitor and make adjustments to a home's climate while the homeowner is out and about. 

Optimize energy consumption

Statistically, HVAC energy expenditures account for as much as 50 percent of the energy consumption in a typical American home. Unfortunately, a lot of that energy goes towards heating rooms and homes when they're unoccupied. With an automated home heating system, you can set a schedule that will minimize energy waste that results from an unoccupied room being heated.

Not only are automated systems made more efficient through scheduling capabilities that can be controlled remotely, but they can also be designed to accommodate climatic data. This means that they can automatically optimize heat production according to the outside temperature. 

"Train" your heating system

Some automated heating systems can be programmed to "learn" the homeowners habits so that they don't even need to be scheduled. They can adopt the homeowner's heating habits over time to automatically create a schedule that's tailored to the homeowner's tendencies.

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