Four Tips To Help You With The Installation Of An EV Charger For Your Electric Car

If you are tired of paying high gas prices, an electric car can be a great investment. Before you buy your car though, you will have to have an EV (Electric Vehicle) charger installed in your home. This is where you will plug your car in to recharge when you have it parked in your garage or carport. Here are some tips for the installation of an EV charger for your home:

1. Choosing The Location Of Your EV Charger

The location of your charger is important. If you have a garage, you will obviously want to have it installed inside the garage, in an area that is easy to access. If you do not have a garage, you will want to have the EV charger installed in a place where it will be protected from rain and weather. You may even want to build a small cover or carport to house your charger.

2. Deciding On Cables And Connector Lengths

Connectivity is important for your EV. You will want to have cables for your charger that are long enough to reach your car to charge it. If you plan on having more than one car, you may want to have connections with more than one outlet, which will allow you to charge one or more cars simultaneously.

3. The Capacity Of Charging Equipment And Power Ratings

There is also the charging capacity of your charger. You may pay a little more for a charger with more amperage and voltage, but it will allow you to charge your car in a shorter period of time. If the car is an everyday driver, this can be a good investment. If you do not drive a lot, you may save a little by having a lower rated charger installed.

4. Deciding How The Charging Unit Is Wired

The EV charger for your home can be hardwired to the breaker box and electrical installation in your home. If it is hardwired, you will not be able to take the charger with you when you move. You can also have an outlet installed for chargers that just plug in, and you can unplug the charger and take it with you whenever you need to.

These are some tips to help you decide on the best EV charger for your home. If you are planning on buying an electric car, contact a residential electrical contractor from a business like Action Electric and talk with them about some of the different options for electrical systems to charge your system.